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Dementia and Alzheimer’s care

  • Manage tasks of daily living
  • Maintain safe environment
  • Maintain structure while building security
  • Encourage physical activity and social interaction
  • Monitor changing needs
  • Other tailored services from our comprehensive list as needed
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Cognitive stimulation  

  • Cognitively engage and stimulate language and memory skills
  • Memory, visual and language games
  • Interactive activities
  • Maintain social ties encouraging interpersonal connectedness
  • Companionship

Physical activity

  • Encourage appropriate and safe physical activity
  • Daily indoor/outdoor walks
  • Chair and stretching exercises
  • Supervise and encourage prescribed exercise programs
  • Build strength by encouraging physical movement based on abilities promoting increased energy and stamina

Medication reminders

  • Set reminders/schedule medication compliance
  • Prompt and/or set reminders to measure blood glucose levels
  • Arrange medication delivery with pharmacy

Overnight assistance

  • Assistance with mobility
  • Enhanced observation
  • Preventing incidents
  • Incontinence management
  • Attending to needs of client restlessness
  • Building feelings of safety and security

Accompaniment on appointments, errands and outings

  • Create calendars and schedules for outings, appointments and upcoming events
  • Help to ready and accompany to, from and during appointments
  • Schedule follow-up appointments
  • Companionship

Personal and oral hygiene

  • Provide assistance (preventing falls) when needed maintaining utmost dignity
  • Assist with bathing and overall cleanliness
  • Check skin for irritation or other problems
  • Monitor foot health
  • Purchase personal necessities

Light housekeeping/Laundry

  • Maintain basic housekeeping including washing dishes, vacuuming and dusting
  • Launder and put away clothes, linens and towels
  • Organize clothes by day, season, event

Meal preparation

  • Encourage and maintain healthy nutrition through meal preparation according to nutritional or dietary needs
  • Monitor intake and overall diet
  • Monitor fridge and pantry for food spoilage
  • Encourage autonomy in the kitchen
  • Grocery shopping as needed

Toileting and incontinence

  • Manage toileting and/or incontinence issues maintaining utmost dignity
  • Assess and monitor issues related to constipation
  • Monitor other potential issues such as urinary tract infections
  • Maintain proper skin integrity

Respite care

  • Caregiver support for family members needing time to tend to their own responsibilities and needs
  • Other tailored services from our comprehensive list as needed
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Post-operative care (hospital or home)

  • Manage and maintain appropriate level of care to create a smooth transition
  • Assistance with tasks of daily living
  • Assistance with mobility
  • Assistance with medication schedules
  • Encouragement and support
  • Attend post appointments

Hospital aid

  • provide security when alone in an unsettling environment
  • prevent confusion and delirium
  • prevent isolation in an unfamiliar setting
  • assistance with personnel needs
  • communicate hospital happenings with family members

Mental health support

  • Build feelings of safety and security by creating a structured environment
  • Create and maintain meaningful relationships
  • Provide routine, attention, commitment and respect, reassuring client

Organizing transitions

  • Guidance finding a new home to meet increasing/evolving needs
  • Ensure a successful move from home to a new residence, hospital or senior’s facility
  • Hospital to home/senior’s facility discharge management
  • Create safety and security in a new environment

Care management and advocacy

  • Communicate, coordinate and structure all health, social and personal needs
  • Manage administrative tasks and correspondence related to health, social and personal needs
  • Navigate the health care system on client’s behalf
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What They Say

“Beth came to our rescue! My uncle was angry and his behaviour was a challenge for the staff at the hospital. Her advice was to have an experienced caregiver who could provide a consistent level of care and give my uncle reassurance and something to look forward to each day.  So far his caregiver improved his personal hygiene, improved his eating habits, and has him up and walking far more than previously.  I receive regular reports on his progress and any problems that may arise. Since he has only his wife who comes to visit, and I who live far away, it is vitally important and helpful to know that my uncle is well taken care of.”

Shelley L.

“Post-op/Respite/About Beth: “We used ‘Bethcare’ for my husband who had had major cancer surgery. ‘Bethcare’ provided qualified, attentive, efficient and kind caregivers, all of whom were truly professional, both in hospital as well as for subsequent home care.  Like any successful organization, the leader is paramount. While soft-spoken and gentle, Beth is strong and dependable and she was there for us in every conceivable way, each and every time we reached out to her. This is our way of saying ‘Thank you’ once again and recognizing excellence in the important services ‘Bethcare’ provides!”

Penny E

“Her personal touch and genuine caring for her clients’ well-being are the hallmarks of the wonderful service Beth provides. She listens, understands and tailors her support to fit your requirements, whether that involves choosing the right caregivers, setting up an appropriate schedule, checking in regularly (in person and by phone), making herself available to assist with all manner of questions and issues as they arise, ensuring outside appointments are kept and medication reminders, or adapting all of these to your evolving needs. Beth could not have chosen a more apt name for her service – because Beth cares!”

Danielle & David R.