Questions to ask when hiring a home care provider


Hiring a home care provider for a loved one is a deeply personal experience. The needs of each individual and family can be very different. It’s important to find a care provider you feel comfortable bringing into your home and one that you can truly trust. 

When we meet with families, our goal is always to learn more about each unique case. This includes learning about the senior who needs our services as well as gathering perspective on the family unit and what their role will be throughout the delivery of care. We feel that support and guidance for family members is just as important as the direct care we provide to our clients. We also place a strong focus on connecting clients with caregivers who will meet their specific needs and pride ourselves on the special relationships we foster with our entire care team. 

You may feel overwhelmed or unsure when beginning the selection process. Here are a few questions you can ask to ensure that you are finding a good fit for the needs of your loved one and your family: 

Available Services

What services are offered outside of basic caregiving? Some examples you might want to consider depending on your needs:

  • Care Management services to help facilitate communications between the CLSC or other members of your care team.
  • Administrative services to help in arranging delivery of supplies, groceries, medical appointment scheduling and transportation. 

Expertise and Experience

  • Have they worked with clients similar to your loved one in the past? Ask for some specific examples.
  • Who will be working directly with your file and in what capacity?
  • Do they have a protocol for managing changing needs and adapting the care plan as these evolve?
  • How are changes to the care plan decided upon and communicated?
  • How are emergency situations handled? 
  • Is there support available for caregivers in the field as well as the family? 
  • Always ask for specific contact information and hours in case of an emergency!
  • How are caregivers selected and what are their qualifications? 
  • Have all caregivers provided appropriate references and completed background checks?

Fee Structure and Pricing

  • What are your fees and how are these calculated? 
  • Which services are included in the basic rate and which come with added fees?
  • Are fees adjusted over time based on needs or any other factors?
  • Don’t forget to ask about statutory holiday planning and pricing!

For more information about selecting a home care provider, care management services and how BethCare can help you and your loved one, please visit our website.

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