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COVID – 19

How BethCare is Supporting our Clients and Caregivers and Keeping them Safe

As always BethCare takes the health and safety of every client seriously, and we are committed to making the home the safest place for you. During this difficult time we are here to offer support to our caregivers, our clients and their families.

BethCare is taking extra precautions to safeguard every client’s health. We are also focused on keeping our dependable caregivers healthy, so they can provide you with the care you deserve.

Caregivers and our internal team have been educated and have had communications regarding:

  • How to detect symptoms
  • Warning signs of illness and reporting to BethCare office
  • Proper handwashing techniques and how to avoid touching their face
  • Respiratory etiquette using mask and shield
  • Infection control protocols for the home environment
  • Client safety protocols
  • Travel reporting protocols
  • Prohibit visitors who are not essential

How we are helping our clients

  • Focusing on prevention by educating our caregivers and internal staff
  • Connecting clients with additional resources and community programs to prevent isolation and create stimulation
  • Additional training on infectious disease and proper use of Personal Protection Equipment
  • Encouraging self care to our caregivers so they can be at their best for our clients

What They Say

“Thank goodness for BethCare. What a difference quality care makes. The quality of life for our mother has improved markedly since Dawn started working. She’s incredibly caring, warm and is an invaluable asset to our mother and our family. BethCare is a superb service. We highly recommend it to anyone seeking high quality care for their loved ones.”

Eric R.

“Bethcare provides a comprehensive service for our Mother that takes a great deal of pressure off the family, in order to focus on quality visits rather than logistical tasks.  Our Mother and our family have found the BethCare team to be patient, compassionate, thoughtful and kind in all the dealings.  It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Beth Cytryn and her team.”

Stephen D

“Our family, all of whom live outside Montreal, would like to recommend and highly praise BethCare for the excellence, caring and efficiency involved in every aspect of our dad’s care. We cannot emphasize enough the relief we felt, knowing he was in capable and responsible hands. In fact, the level of care felt like that performed by family members.”

Joanne R.