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Care Management and Advocacy

  • Navigating the health care system on behalf of the client
  • Consulting and advocating on behalf of the client and their family in complete confidentiality
  • Communication, coordination and structuring all health care, social and personal needs
  • Coordinating, accompanying and communicating medical necessities
  • Managing and coordinating clients’ safety and wellbeing, that is above and beyond the caregiver’s responsibility
  • Organizing hospital to home discharge management
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BethCare Care Managers

Providing unparalleled non-medical care is the underpinning of BethCare Services.  We have expertise in the orchestration of issues that so often arise and are at times unexpected. Beyond the caregiver’s responsibilities, we are able to ensure the structure of ancillary care of special services that may be required.

With strong communications, we are able to better manage client safety and wellbeing, more successful in organizing hospital to home discharges and better in assisting families with relocation services. Communication, coordination and structuring all health, social and personal needs of each client is the role of the management team at BethCare.  A focused, tailor-made approach is developed for both the client and the family.  Care Managers provide guidance and direction with the myriad of details involved in helping with decision making and creating solutions together.

BethCare Caregivers

The Caregiving team at BethCare is fully insured, bonded, and of course rigorously vetted and trained. Their backgrounds include certified nurse’s aides, retired nurses, certified companions, and/or demonstrate other highly relevant credentials and experience.  BethCare further evaluates each individual on judgement, motivation, reliability, initiative and communication skills to ensure the highest levels of professionalism.

In addition to these exacting screening standards, BethCare is cognizant of ensuring a sound fit between the selected caregiver and the individual to whom they will be providing close support and comfort. This is why the BethCare team takes the time to get to know the individual and their family members while assessing their interests, personalities, and needs. It is important to partner the right caregiver with the right client in association not only with decisions about the type of care and level of associated services, but to ensure that the personalities mesh well. Client satisfaction is paramount. The range of services and provision of support is vast, and BethCare patiently explains all options.

What They Say

“Beth has been absolutely terrific caring for my aging mother. Neither my sisters nor I live in Montreal, so Beth takes care of my mother’s every need. Even if we lived close by, Beth understands the non-stop challenges that come with Alzheimer’s and goes over and above what we would know how to or have the confidence to do the way she unfailingly does. Within a stipulated budget, she and her well chosen team provide excellent care giving and care management services. My mother’s medical, dental, social and personal needs are all taken care of in a kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced way. Beth reports as necessary by phone and email. Mindful of the next series of challenges that my mother and the family will be facing, Beth is always proactive. Did I mention that Beth has the patience of Job and the demeanour of my mother’s best friend? Beth and her team provide the best care possible for our mother. We feel lucky now and will be eternally grateful to have found BethCare.”

Jeff Z.